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The new song of Nicky Jam, Ozuna - Te Bote is here now! Check out the lyrics (Subtitulada / Legendada) and the translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese made for you by Lix Art Studio Te Bote Remix - Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Ozuna Paso mucha' noches pensándote Yo no sé ni cómo ni cuándo fue I spend a lot of nights thinking about you I don't know how or when it happen Pero sólo sé que yo recordé Cómo te lo hacía yo aquella vez But I only know that I remembered How I usually did it with you that time Si yo no puedo seguir solo Pero sé que te boté If I can't continue alone But I know that I threw you De mi vida te boté, y te boté Te di banda y te solté (y te solté), yo te solté I threw you out of my life, and I threw you out I gave you a chance and I let you go (and I let you go), I let you go Pal' carajo usté' se fue, y usté' se fue De mi vida te boté, yeh, yeh, oye mamizita To the hell you went, you went I threw you out of my life, yeh, yeh, hey mom Baby, la vida e' un ciclo Y lo que no sirve yo no lo reciclo Baby, life is a cycle And what doesn't work I do not recycle it Así que de mi vida muévete Que si te lo meto es pa' recordar un TBT, yeh So from my life, get out Cause if I put it on you is to remember a TBT, yeh Ya yo me cansé de tus mentira' Ahora hay una má' dura que me tira I already got tired of your lies' Now there's a tough one enjoying me Todo tiene su final, todo expira Tú eres pasado y el pasado nunca vira Everything has end, everything expires You are past and the past never works Arranca pal' cararajo (¡wouh!), mi cuerpo no te necesita Lo que pide e' un perreo sucio en La Placita Go to the hell(wouh!), My body doesn't need you What you ask is a dirty grinding in La Placita No creo que lo nuestro se repita Dale, prende un Phillie, deja uno ready pa' ahorita, yeh I don't think that ours will repeat Go, turn on a Phillie, leave one ready for right now, yeh Odio saber que en ti una vez má' yo confié Odio to' lo' "Te amo" que mil vece' te texteé I hate to know that in you one more time I trusted I hate all "I love you" that a thousand times I texted you Baby, mejor que tú ahora tengo como die' Lo' nuestro' iba en un Bugatti y te quedaste a pie Baby, better than you now I have like ten We went by a Bugatti and now you stayed on foot Yo te boté; de mi vida te boté Yo te boté; te di banda y te solté, yo te solté I threw you out; of my life I threw you I threw you out; I gave you a band and I let you go, I let you go Pal' carajo usted se fue, usted se fue Oye mamazita(te saqué) To the hell you went, you went Hear it mommy, (I left you) * * * Find us on Instagram: @lix_art_studio And if you liked the job, please, share with your friends and social networks. Subscribe at LIX Art Studio in Youtube, to receive new translations everyday. Thanks for watch * * * nickyjam, nickyjamlyrics, nickyjamsubtitles, nickyjamportuguese, nickyjamspanish, nickyjamtebote, nickyjamtebotelyrics, nickyjamtebotesubtitles, nickyjamteboteportuguese, nickyjamtebotespanish, tebote, tebotelyrics, tebotesubtitles, teboteportuguese, tebotespanish, lixartstudio, ozunatebote, ozunatebotelyrics, ozunatebotesubtitles, ozunateboteportuguese, ozunatebotespanish,

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