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Hysteria by Muse (c) Warner Bros. Records/WMG Lyrics: It's bugging me, grating me, And twisting me around, Yeah I'm endlessly caving in, And turning inside out! 'Cause I want it now! I want it now! Give me your heart and your soul! And I'm breaking out, I'm breaking out! Last chance to lose control! It's holding me, morphing me, And forcing me to strive. To be endlessly cold within, And dreaming I'm alive! 'Cause I want it now! I want it now! Give me your heart and your soul! And I'm not breaking down! I'm breaking out! Last chance to lose control! And want you now, I want you now, I'll feel my heart implode! And I'm breaking out! Escaping now! Feeling my faith erode! Song Meaning: It takes the form of a short narrative depicting a man (the protagonist) awakening inside of a hotel room and, through non-linear chronological elements, discovering that he both stalked and eventually met with a prostitute with whom he was obsessed. This encounter, however, ends unpleasantly. The video has several interpretations and can be seen to have several ambiguous elements, including the fit of rage which induces the man to trash the hotel room, and several chronologically non-linear sequences describing elements of plot. An alternate video was also created for the release of the single in the U.S. which features the band playing in front of a green screen; with white blood vessels, a female's face, red, grey and black circles overlapping, and lightning.

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