Download Shot For Me (Remix) - Drake [Michelle Martinez ft. Lil Crazed] mp3

 Shot For Me (Remix) - Drake [Michelle Martinez ft. Lil Crazed]

Canal:Lil' Crazed
Data Add :2012-02-01 00:08:04
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Download Link: Lyrics: ~okay, look, i'm honest, girl i can't lie i miss you, but i'm trying not to be obvious now that we're unofficial, i wish you, understood what i was going through, everything that i was pushing for, baby i still was pulling you, and no one's bulletproof when it comes to all of these breakups, mascara running down ya cheek, i still can't give you makeup, cuz the chances have been ruined, there's no bandage for the wounds, and now i'm involved in the alcohol that you happen to consume, cuz i'm the man, i'm the man, and you could've been the queen, and the life you see on screen, girl it wouldn't 've been a dream, ah, ah, it's reality, at least it is for me, and to the industry, you're another mystery of my history, but to mr. me, i hope the best for yours, cuz my manners never left with me, trough those exit doors, and now you're cringing in your own seat as you're hearing this, yeah this one's about you if you're curious, so take a shot Michelle Martinez: Lil Crazed: Instagram: lilcrazedkid

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