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Today Carter Sharer asks Lizzy to be his girlfriend by surprising her! PART 1 ▶️SHOULD I ASK CARTER SHARER TO BE MY BOYFRIEND?! PART 2 ▶️I ASKED CARTER SHARER TO BE MY BOYFRIEND!! (GONE WRONG) GO TO for MERCH!!! Today Lizzy Sharer decides to ignore Carter for 24 hours because of what happened in the video where I ASKED CARTER SHARER TO BE MY BOYFRIEND!! (GONE WRONG). Then Carter wants to ask Lizzy to be his girlfriend and make it super special so that they can be officially dating. Lizzy has had a huge crush on carter sharer for a long time and she wanted to ask him to be her boyfriend but it backfired. So Carter put together the perfect most romantic date where he got her roses and candles and surprised her on camera. Then she had to solve a puzzle to get to the roof where carter was waiting for her with roses. Carter and Lizzy went on so many dates like the Underwater date with my crush, and carter sharer kissed me, and underwater date with my crush (part 2) , never have i ever with my crush, the chubby bunny challenge with my crush, handcuffed to my crush for 24 hours and more! Then Carter sharer finally asked lizzy to be his girlfriend on camera and they hugged and carter kiss lizzy. Then they ate pizza and had the best date ever. Lizzy and Carter sharer are coming out with a NEW MOVIE this December 2018! 💕💕💕 OTHER FUN VLOGS 💕💕💕 💔 I'M HEARTBROKEN 💔 I TOLD HIM I LIKE HIM... (PART 2 - DELETED VIDEO) ❤️REVEALING WHO MY CRUSH IS ❤️(DON'T TELL HIM) ❤️HIDDEN CAMERA ON MY CRUSH!! (GONE WRONG) ❤️CARTER TOLD ME HIS CRUSH... ❤️ THE TRUTH ABOUT CARTER SHARER!! (EXPOSED) ❤️ MY SECRET CRUSH GOT ME FLOWERS!! Follow ME! 📷INSTAGRAM → @LizzySharer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business Inquiries: WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. This footage is property of Dream Team Studios LLC and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Dream Team Studios LLC. For any requests from media contact us at

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