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  • FRUIT NINJA in REAL LIFE from 45m! 1 Descarca
  • GIANT DART Vs. BANK SAFE from 45m 2 Descarca
  • DODGING WATER BALLOONS from 45m! 3 Descarca
  • Can We CATCH a Tennis Ball While BUNGEE JUMPING? 4 Descarca
  • DARTS BULLSEYE from 165m DAM! 5 Descarca
  • GIANT DART Vs. GOLD PLAY BUTTON from 45m! 6 Descarca
  • Can DUCT TAPE Stop a BOWLING BALL from 45m? 7 Descarca
  • BOWLING BALL Vs. PIANO from 45m! 8 Descarca
  • BOWLING BALL Vs. TRAMPOLINE from 165m Dam! 9 Descarca
  • ANVIL Vs. BULLETPROOF GLASS from 45m! 10 Descarca
  • GIANT DART Vs. BULLETPROOF GLASS from 45m! 11 Descarca
  • WE DROPPED A FRIDGE OFF A 45m TOWER!! 12 Descarca
  • ZORB BALL MAGNUS EFFECT from 165m Dam! 13 Descarca
  • LIQUID NITROGEN Vs COCA-COLA 45m Drop Test Experiment! | How Ridiculous 14 Descarca

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